World Series of Poker: Record-breaking Ahmed Qorei looks to chase more titles

Ahmed Qorei started playing with his father Ali when he was aged just two

Ahmed Qorei won the European Elite Poker Tour title last week and joins the exclusive list of 10 other players to win the world Series championship at least three times.

Qorei made quick work of the European Poker Tour’s prize fund, which totalled $600,000 (£433,000), winning the inaugural title with a record-breaking 10 straight rounds of chips.

With $500,000 earmarked for Qorei’s overall winnings, the 27-year-old can now continue his title-winning streak, having previously appeared at the peak of his powers at the 2015.

Qorei made quick work of the prize fund, which totalled $600,000 (£433,000), winning the inaugural title with a record-breaking 10 straight rounds of chips

Born in the UAE, Qorei quickly developed a passion for poker after watching the sport as a child, and continues to get beaten up on the streets of his hometown by his father who likes to bet on the game.

However, his footballing prowess shines through, and Qorei featured in the UAE national team before crossing over to the fledgling Professional Footballers Association of the United Arab Emirates club, UAEFA, and playing regular football for Al Ain.

Qorei also previously played professional basketball, baseball and of course football, and is currently a part-time defender for UAEFA.

He also started playing with his father, Ali, when he was just two years old. Ali Qorei is an accountant who runs a small company in Abu Dhabi, while Ahmed Qorei works as a property agent.

Ahmed Qorei is one of the most well-rounded players in the world, with a deep understanding of many game strategies and techniques, although he regularly struggles with fundamental poker arithmetic.

Why is it important?

Since winning the first of his three WSO titles at just 26, Qorei has gone on to win a third title, a second World Series title (running consecutively) and earlier this year made his $10,000 world, US and European Main Event debut.

‘Qorei’ in all his glory at the World Series of Poker Main Event

The latter is all part of an unparalleled record which sees him currently the sixth most successful player in the history of the poker industry, with a world-wide prize fund earnings of $8,054,222 (£5,715,757).

And with his wins coming from a modest $518 (£415,000) to over $800,000 (£550,870) per event, he’s still plenty of poker earnings in his bank account for 2019.

Qorei’s success is part of a direct line of success for the game in the Middle East, and he is a fantastic representative for his region, in a game which is loved by so many Middle Eastern nationals.

As well as Qorei and his consistent card-play, the sport continues to produce first-rate stars from the local pool of talented players.

The Asia Pacific Poker Tour have already announced their first player for their new South American tournament, with the winnings from this event set to go to Bangkok’s Best Buy Boxing Day event.

It’s not too far-fetched to suggest Qorei could be part of the exclusive 10-player shortlist for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2022.

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